#COSPAR2022 The Blog: 6

Thursday 21 July 2022

Did you know that yesterday was the first official International Moon Day as declared by the UN General Assembly? A last-minute celebration session was squeezed in, in session B3.1 yesterday morning, and it was also announced in the Daily Press Briefing. Here’s Niklas Hedman’s message about it, in relation to sustainable & inclusive moon exploration.

What’s nice about an in-person event is that you get to put faces to names, it’s easier to network & make lasting contacts for the future. The business meetings are a great place for this. Here’s the Outstanding Paper for Young Scientists being awarded to Ashley Susan Nemec-Bakk (centre) during SC F business meeting, with the Chair, Tom Hei (left) and Elsevier publisher Lianne van der Zant (right). Congratulations, Ashley Susan!

For information, the last business meetings are on Friday for the Panel on Planetary Protection (13.00, MAICC UL-3) and the Panel on Interstellar Research (13.00, MAICC LL-5). If you’re involved in research in either of these fields, or want to be involved in the Panels, do go along and join in.

Are you an early career researcher looking for guidance on reviewing scientific papers? Then come along to the COSPAR Elsevier Publishing Connect Reviewer Workshop: How to Review a Manuscript. This will give training in the process of peer review as well as performing a review correctly & communicating the findings to the editor. It’s on Friday, 13.00-14.30 in MAICC MC 2 and could be instrumental in helping your career.

The poster sessions started last night as well (18.00-19.30)—we hope you’ll drop by & see the action, it’s buzzing!

COSPAR Assemblies are every 2 years, and need a lot of forward planning. Although we’re still in Athens, we’re already getting a taste of Korean efficiency and hospitality at the COSPAR 2024 stand in the Exhibition area.

If you haven’t yet filled in your COSPAR Associate form, please seek out one of our boxes & put it in! And do continue to share your photos and highlights.