#COSPAR2022 The Blog: 2.

Καλημέρα (Kalimera)! We’re now in Athens for the 44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. Registration is open and it’s good to see colleagues from around the world in person, testing the app, getting to know the Assembly lay-out. The scientific sessions are now in full swing.

Here’s Candice Hansen  in the Panel on Education  (PE) session this morning explaining how the JunoCam has brought amazing imagery to citizens and students. Rosa Doran, Vice-Chair of PE, reports “So many wow moments!”





If you’re new to COSPAR, you may have a few questions…

You may be wondering about these forms in your registration bag, for example. The COSPAR Associate form is for us to update our files & keep you informed of major COSPAR events. The Event Proposal is to help shape the Scientific Programme for the 45th COSPAR Assembly in Busan, South Korea in 2024. When you’ve filled in the forms, put them in a box with this sign on (right)

& we’ll collect them at the end of every day. The Event Proposals will be given to the relevant Scientific Commission / Panel Chairs in time for their Business Meeting during the week.

And don’t forget to attend the Business Meetings! This is your chance to meet the people behind these Commissions or Panels, to get involved in future events & activities, & celebrate the successes of this community, such as the Outstanding Paper for Young Scientists.

Sadly, Samuel CC Ting can’t make it for the Latest Results session, but the very able Andrei Kounine, Deputy PI of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, will be stepping in. And we also have Sarah Baatout (SCK CEN) talking about personalised medicine in space with the latest technologies, and Shogo Tachibana (University of Tokyo) with Hayabusa-2’s first results for the returned sample analyses.

Remember to share your photos and highlights during the Assembly and we’ll do our best to include them!