Publications Committee

The COSPAR Publications Committee provides oversight on COSPAR Publications Advances in Space Research (ASR), Life Sciences in Space Research (LSSR), and Space Research Today (SRT), and on COSPAR relationships with its Publisher Elsevier. Its members are appointed from among COSPAR Associates interested in this activity, with consideration of a balanced representation of the various scientific disciplines of space research, for a term of four years renewable once.

Pietro Ubertini (Italy), 2019 – 2023
Ex-Officio Members: 
Lennard A. Fisk (USA)
Richard A. Harrison (UK) (r.harrison – at –
Tom Hei (USA) (tkh1 – at –
Margaret Shea (USA)
Pascal Willis (France) (pascal.willis.17 – at –
Jean-Claude Worms (France) (cospar – at –
Angela Bazzano (Italy), 2016 – 2020
Maxim Klimenko (Russia), 2016 – 2020
Guenther Reitz (Germany), 2016 – 2020
Michael Story (USA), 2016 – 2020 (michael.story – at –
Pieter Visser (Netherlands), 2016 – 2020

* second term