Panel on Innovative Solutions (PoIS)

Symbol for the COSPAR Panel on Innovative Solutions (PoIS)


Eric H. Smith (USA), 2020 – 2024


George Danos (Cyprus), 2020 – 2024 (president – at –
Irina Kitiashvili (USA), 2020 – 2024


Dyer, J. (USA)
Gold, M. (USA)
Kamoun, P. (Israel)
Murray, S. (Ireland)
Narendranath, S. (India)
Slenzka, K. (Germany)
Wolverton, C. (USA)

Intercommission/Panel/Task Group Liaisons:

Panel on Space Weather (PSW):  Herman Opgenoorth (Sweden), 2022 – 2026
IDEA Initiative Task Group (IITG):  Aura Roy (USA), 2022 – 2026
IDEA Initiative Task Group (IITG):  Eric H. Smith (USA), 2022 – 2026

Terms of Reference:

In space sciences, indeed in all of science, the development of innovative technologies opens new fields of research and provides sophisticated new tools for research. The Panel on Innovative Solutions will provide a forum, open to all COSPAR Associates, to present, consider and discuss new technologies for and approaches to scientific research.

The Panel can hold discussions and propose sessions at Assemblies and Symposia, and where appropriate issue reports. The Panel’s activities cover all scientific disciplines of COSPAR. The Panel is expected to disseminate knowledge of new technologies and approaches that will benefit space research and also reflect on developments in the space domain that could generate spin-offs in other domains. It should also provide an opportunity for COSPAR Associates to present and gain exposure for their innovative approaches.  The Panel is expected to be of particular interest to COSPAR Industry Partners and Industry Supporters (having designated representatives serving as COSPAR Associates) who will be able to provide insight into emerging technologies. The Panel should also generate interest from and contribution by younger COSPAR Associates, who wish to have their ideas and approaches get proper recognition.

Objectives for this panel are:

  • Document breakthrough science objectives in the space sector
  • Foresee the evolution of technologies, in space and non-space domains, to achieve these objectives
  • Identify and facilitate relationships among scientists, engineers, policy makers, and individuals and institutions with budgetary authority, in order to continually guide technology evolution and prepare the space sector for its transition and integration
  • Capture the imagination and innovative power of the worldwide community of professionals and enthusiasts alike through public challenges and social media events and communications

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