International Cooperation Medal

This medal is awarded to a scientist who has made distinguished contributions to space science and whose work has contributed significantly to the promotion of international scientific cooperation. All scientists working in any field covered by COSPAR are eligible for this medal. This medal may also be awarded to a group of scientists.  From 2018 the IAU has named a minor planet for each COSPAR award recipient.  The number of the minor planet appears below in parentheses.


Previous recipients

2022 WU Ji (10118)
2020 John Z. Kiss (8267) and F. Javier Medina (8333)
2018 Stas Barabash (6315)
2016 Lev Zelenyi
2014 Carlé McGetchin Pieters
2012 Roger-Maurice Bonnet
2010 Lee-Lueng Fu and Yves Ménard
2008 Marvin A. Geller
2006 Raymond A. Greenwald
2004 Stephen S. Holt
2002 André Brack
2000 John H. Carver
1998 Reimar Lüst
1996 Anatoli I. Grigoriev
1994 Ranjan R. Daniel
1992 Hubert Curien
1990 Bengt Hultqvist
1988 Cornelis de Jager
1986 The Inter-Agency Consultative Group
1984 Roald Z. Sagdeev

Nomination requirements, form, and citations for the most recent award recipients.