Announcements of Opportunity

AHEAD2020 Announcement of Opportunity Cycle 6, deadline 1 September 2023

Posted 30 July 2023

NASA and ESA  invite individuals to apply for membership in  the Mars Sample Return (MSR) Sample Receiving Project (SRP) Measurement Definition Team 1 (MDT-1). More details here.

Posted 26 June 2023

AHEAD2020 Announcement of Opportunity Cycle 5, deadline 28 February 2023

Posted 8 February 2023

ISSI/ISSI-BJ 2023 Joint Call for Proposals for International Teams in Space and Earth Sciences.  Deadline 16 March 2023

Posted 16 January 2023

New round of the Access to Space for All – DropTES opportunity! Conduct Microgravity Experiments with DropTES! Open for applications until 23 January 2023. DropTES Announcement of Opportunity Webinar:  Date/Time: Friday 2 December 10:30-12:00 and 16:30-18:00 CET, Registration:

Posted 14 November 2022

Announcement of Opportunities for the campaigns, meetings, and development of databases relevant to the PRESTO topics.  To view the PRESTO topics, please visit the website:  The deadline is January 10, 2023.

Posted 9 November 2022

“Announcement of Opportunity” for the position of Community Scientist in the PLATO mission. All the necessary information about the PLATO mission, the tasks of a Community  Scientist and the information needed by proposers, can be found at

Deadline:  29 November 2022 at 12:00 hrs (noon) CET. Proposals must be submitted electronically to ESA as indicated at

Posted 12 October 2022

The Berlin Science Week is offering a research grant to support science journalists who would like to report on scientific topics related to the Berlin Science Week 2022. Reporting can take place before, during or after the Berlin Science Week (1–10 November 2022). This year the Berlin Science Week offers two separate research grant programmes, digital and in-person.

International media representatives can submit their application documents via email to until 26 September 2022, 23:59 CEST.  More about the Journalism Grant and the application process in the attached document and online: BSW 2022 Journalism Grant.

Posted 17 August 2022

AHEAD2020 Announcement of Opportunity Cycle 4, deadline 31 August 2022

Posted 9 August 2022

AHEAD2020 Announcement of Opportunity Cycle 3,  deadline 4 March 2022

Posted 14 February 2022

Conduct your experiment at the Large Diameter Centrifuge Facility at ESTEC through the Access to Space for All-HyperGES programme by  the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and the European Space Agency!  Applications for the 2nd round are open until 28 February 2022. See the conditions for the 2nd Round of experiments here

Posted 31 January 2022

ISSI/ISSIBJ Joint Call for Proposals 2022 for International Teams in Space and Earth Sciences

Posted 20 January 2022

Astromaterials Science Research Group (ASRG), Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agnecy (JAXA)

First announcement of opportunity (AO) for Ryugu samples

Ryugu sample catalog

Notice of intent to propose is due in mid-March, and registration and login page will be available soon.

Research proposal guidebook

Question to

Posted 17 January 2022