COSPAR Associated Supporter Program

Rationale, Levels and Benefits

The revision of the COSPAR Charter in 1998 authorized COSPAR “to recognize as COSPAR Associated Supporters public or private organizations wishing to support the Committee’s activities.” Indeed, COSPAR covers many research areas of interest to research institutions, private industry and other organizations, e.g., Earth remote sensing, space weather, planetary exploration, planetary protection, advanced instrument development, etc.

The status of COSPAR Associated Supporter encourages strategic engagement with, in particular, science-based global industry and is meant to recognize and obtain meaningful support from those industries that benefit from this engagement.  Four Associated Supporter categories currently exist with the following benefits:

Industry Partner

Benefits include:

  • Five company individuals are assigned to interface and participate in COSPAR activities (Scientific Commissions, Panels) of their choosing and to be recognized by COSPAR as the representatives of the Industry Partner. The representatives, who become COSPAR Associates, are encouraged to participate in helping to organize scientific events and will be kept informed of all COSPAR scientific programs and activities.
  • The company name is listed on the COSPAR website homepage as “COSPAR Industry Partner”.
  • There are opportunities to contribute to Scientific Roadmap(s) and/or other scientific reports.
  • The company is promoted in all COSPAR newsletters, targeted social media campaigns and other publications.
  • Branding of the company logo at bi-annual Scientific Assemblies and Symposia.
  • Four complimentary registrations at biennial Scientific Assemblies and
  • Two complimentary registrations at biennial Symposia
  • Preferential rates TBD for sponsors’ booths at Assemblies and Symposia.

Industry Supporter

Benefits include:

  • Two company individuals are named as COSPAR Associates and representatives of the Industry Supporter with self-selection to relevant Scientific Commission(s) and Panel(s).
  • The company is promoted on the COSPAR website.
  • The company is promoted in one COSPAR newsletter or other publication per year.
  • There is visibility of the company logo at biennial Scientific Assemblies and Symposia.
  • Two complimentary registrations at Scientific Assemblies and one complimentary registration at Symposia are provided
  • Preferential rates TBD for sponsors’ booths at Assemblies and Symposia.

Associated Supporter (Institution)

Benefits include:

  • Displaying a general or technical/scientific poster about the institution at Assemblies and Symposia.
  • Placing an advertisement or announcement in the Assembly Program Book or equivalent online material
  • One complimentary registration at COSPAR Scientific Assemblies
  • Displaying documentation at the Assembly
  • 10% discount (in agreement with the Assembly local organizers) on a stand at Assemblies with exhibitions
  • sending a representative to observe the session(s) of the COSPAR Council

Associated Supporter (Industry)

Benefits include:

  • One company individual represented as a COSPAR Associate.
  • Promotion of the company on the COSPAR website
  • Visibility of the company logo at biennial Scientific Assemblies
  • One complimentary registration at biennial Scientific Assemblies
  • Preferential rates TBD for sponsors’ booths at Assemblies and Symposia

Interested parties should contact the COSPAR Secretariat at for more information about these benefits and their corresponding fees.