Massey Award

The COSPAR Massey Award honors the memory of Sir Harrie Massey, FRS, past Physical Secretary of the Royal Society and past member of the COSPAR Bureau. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the development of space research, interpreted in the widest sense, in which a leadership role is of particular importance. The award is open to candidates from any country.  From 2018 the IAU has named a minor planet for each COSPAR award recipient.  The number of the minor planet appears below in parentheses.

Pascale Ehrenfreund

Previous recipients

2022 Pascale Ehrenfreund (9826)
2020 Alexander Held (8479)
2018 John Zarnecki (17920)
2016 Fiona A. Harrison
2014 Eugene Churazov
2012 Neil Gehrels
2010 Harvey Tananbaum
2008 Giovanni G. Fazio
2006 Charles Elachi
2004 Yasuo Tanaka
2002 Giovanni Bignami and Jacques Paul
2000 Stuart C. Bowyer
1998 Rashid A. Sunyaev
1996 Johannes Geiss
1994 Robert Wilson
1992 Herbert Friedman
1990 Hendrik C. van de Hulst

Nomination requirements, form, and citations for the most recent award recipients.