COSPAR Distinguished Service Medal

This medal recognizes extraordinary services rendered to COSPAR over many years.  From 2018 the IAU has named a minor planet for each COSPAR award recipient.  The number of the minor planet appears below in parentheses.

Willem Hermsen

Previous recipients

2022 Willem Hermsen (10135)
2020 Jean-Louis Fellous (8617)
2018 Mariano Méndez (6316)
2016 David Halpern
2012 Peter Willmore
2010 Margaret Ann (Peggy) Shea
2008 Isaac Révah
2001 Stanislaw Grzedzielski
1996 Richard C. Hart
1994 Antal J. Somogyi
1993 Jean-François Denisse
1992 Zdzislaw Niemirowicz

Nomination requirements and citations for the most recent award recipients.