Any scientist engaged in space research may become an Associate by registering for a COSPAR biennial Scientific Assembly, participating in other COSPAR activities, by communicating his/her interest to the Secretariat, or by holding inter-organizational or governing functions within the COSPAR structure. The status of Associate is retained for five years after attending an Assembly, Symposium, Colloquium, or Capacity Building Workshop. Associates should be affiliated to at least one but not more than three COSPAR Scientific Commissions.

Each Associate has the right to take part in the scientific activities of COSPAR, in particular those of the Scientific Commission(s) to which he or she is affiliated. Associates may attend the meetings of Commission(s) to which they are affiliated and take part in all discussions and votes of the relevant Commissions. These meetings generally take place during the biennial Scientific Assembly. As long as the COSPAR budget permits, each Associate also receives a complimentary subscription to Space Research Today, COSPAR’s information bulletin.

If you are an Associate and your contact information has changed since last reported to the Secretariat or if you are an Associate and have not regularly been receiving your bulletin (three times per year), please take the time to complete and return the form advising the Secretariat of necessary updates.  The form also includes, at the bottom, a tick box to be used if you wish to request removal from the COSPAR list of Associates.

This page last updated 14 May 2018.