Panel on Education (PE)

Symbol for the COSPAR Panel on Education (PE)


Rosa Doran (Portugal), 2022 – 2026


M. Chantale Damas (USA), 2022 – 2026
Sandra Benitez Herrera (Spain), 2022 – 2026
Gustavo Rojas (Portugal), 2022 – 2026

Terms of Reference:

Area of work: Development of means and media for the encouragement and spread of space related education.

Programme of work:

a) Work with commission chairs and other interested parties to identify the audience to whom the outreach and education is aimed. For example the audience might be primary and secondary schools, universities, public at large via the journalistic media, students, especially underprivileged students in countries where space related activities are not present etc.

b) Identify means by which educational tools and media might become available

c) Explore possible links to and interactions with already established educational programs on topics related to research areas covered by COSPAR

d) Identify funding opportunities within certain countries for education and outreach work

e) Develop means to reach the addressees, e.g. by setting up and maintaining a website; develop the rules to enter material from commissions into the website

f) Create sessions at COSPAR assemblies to discuss education related issues

g) Establish links and strategic partnerships and alliances ( for example UNESCO) so that this activity can be supported or so that activities are not duplicated.

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* (after officer term) = second and final term in the office indicated