Space Research Today (SRT)

Space Research Today, COSPAR’s information bulletin, published three times a year by Elsevier Science, provides reports on COSPAR and other meetings, scientific space mission news, articles from space organizations and Associates, book reviews, etc. In addition, the bulletin serves as a means of communicating with the large number of individual scientists affiliated to COSPAR who receive this publication free of charge for the time they retain their Associate status. The bulletin is also provided on a complimentary basis to subscribers of Advances in Space Research. Individual copies are available from the publisher. For more information on the Space Research Today please click here.

Input from the international space science community is welcome. Deadlines for input are:

·       1 February (for the April issue),

·       1 June (for the August issue),

·       1 October (for the December issue).

Space Research Today is published under the supervision of its Editorial Board.