Space Research Today (SRT)

Space Research Today, COSPAR’s information bulletin, appearing three times a year, is a major communication platform for our Associates. It provides reports on COSPAR and other meetings, scientific space mission news, articles from space organizations and Associates, book reviews, etc.

As of 2023 Space Research Today has been gradually modified, in both layout and content, and is now published in an easy-to-access flip-book format on this website, available to all.


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Input from the international space science community is welcome. Deadlines for input are:

  • 1 February (for the April issue),
  • 1 June (for the August issue),
  • 1 October (for the December issue).

Space Research Today is published under the supervision of its Editorial Board.

General Editor:
R.A. Harrison, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK.
Executive Editor:
L. Fergus Swan, France
Associate Editor:
J.-C. Worms, France

Associate Editor:
D. Altamirano , UK
Associate Editor:
Y. Kasai , Japan

Associate Editor:
E.C. Laiakis, USA
Associate Editor:
H. Peter, Germany


  • Submissions to Space Research Today     (click here)

    Anyone may submit an article or news item to SRT and, in the spirit of a bulletin publication, we aim to be as flexible as possible in the submission procedures. Submission should be made in English, by e-mail to any member of the editorial team. Submissions may be made in the following formats:

    • E-mail text (especially appropriate for short news or information items)
    • Word files with embedded images (in colour or greyscale)
    • Other formats can be considered; please contact the editorial team with your request.

    The editors will always be pleased to receive the following types of inputs or submissions, among others:

    • Research Highlight articles–generally substantial, current review articles of interest to the general space community, extending to over five pages or so (ca. 1200-1500 words with figures and images–which may be in colour). These should include a brief, one paragraph statement ‘About the Author’ and be accompanied by an image of the author.
    • Research Notes–short research announcements, up to three or four pages, with images as appropriate.
    • News and Views, and ‘In Brief’ items–short announcements and news items (generally amounting to one page or less).
    • In Memoriam submissions–Articles extending to a few pages, including an image, about a significant figure in the COSPAR community.
    • Letters to the Editor–up to two or three pages on any subject relevant to COSPAR and space research in general. Meeting announcements, meeting reports and book reviews.
    • Space Snapshots: single page submissions, usually of one image, a brief explanation, plus title and authors.

    Articles are not refereed, but the decision to publish is the responsibility of the General Editor and his editorial team.

    For access to earlier issues of Space Research Today up to December 2022, please click here.

ISSN: 2467-9933