William Nordberg Medal

This medal commemorates the work of the late William Nordberg and is awarded to a scientist who has made a distinguished contribution to the application of space science in a field covered by COSPAR. From 2018 the IAU has named a minor planet for each COSPAR award recipient.  The number of the minor planet appears below in parentheses.

Gerda Horneck

Joyce E. Penner

Previous recipients

2022 Gerda Horneck (10133) and Joyce E. Penner (10134)
2020 Daniel J. McCleese (5641)
2018 Christoph Reigber (6314)
2016 Gordon Greeley Shepherd
2014 Mikhail Ya. Marov
2012 Herbert Fischer
2010 Kuo-Nan Liou
2008 Joe Waters
2006 John P. Burrows
2004 Louis J. Lanzerotti
2002 Moustafa Chahine
2000 Kenichi Ijiri
1998 Anne M. Thompson
1996 Charles Elachi
1994 Pierre Morel
1992 John Theodore Houghton
1990 Desmond G. King-Hele
1988 S. Ichtiaque Rasool

Nomination requirements, form, and citations for the most recent award recipients.