Co-sponsored/co-organized meetings

COSPAR co-organizes/co-sponsors a limited number of meetings and Colloquia each year that are of interest to its Associates. To apply for co-sponsorship, moral and/or financial, a formal request must be sent to the Secretariat which includes, at a minimum, the following information:

·       the scientific program with an endorsement from the relevant COSPAR Scientific Commission/Panel Chair explaining how the event complements the work of COSPAR,

·       the international composition of the program committee,

·       other sponsors and their level of sponsorship, and

·       a description of how the funds, if requested, will be spent.

Support is usually limited to a maximum of 1,000 Euros for co-sponsored meetings. For COSPAR Colloquia a maximum of 3,000 Euros is generally allocated as seed money. Organizers of COSPAR Colloquia are asked to commit to the publication of selected papers in Advances in Space Research. The COSPAR Bureau will consider sponsorship requests at its meetings (generally in March and, in even numbered years, also in July) and wishes to receive documentation about two months in advance for proper consideration.

Events co-sponsored from 1997 on are listed below. Links to organizers are provided when this information has been supplied to the Secretariat. Please contact the COSPAR Secretariat or the main organizers for further information. See the AssembliesSymposiaColloquia, and Capacity Building Workshops pages on the COSPAR web site for the listing of COSPAR organized meetings.