Panel on Technical Problems Related to Scientific Ballooning (PSB)


Mattias Abrahamsson (Sweden), 2022 – 2026


Vincent Dubourg (France), 2022 – 2026
Hideyuki Fuke (Japan), 2022 – 2026 (fuke.hideyuki – at –
Edward Udinski (USA), 2022 – 2026

Intercommission/Panel/Task Group Liaisons:

IDEA Initiative Task Group (IITG): Mattias Abrahamsson (Sweden), 2022 – 2026

Terms of Reference:

The Panel on Technical Problems Related to Scientific Ballooning serves as a forum for review, discussion and exchange of ideas on all the aspects of scientific ballooning including balloon material, design and analysis of balloons, techniques of balloon launch and control, balloon support instrumentation, balloon mission concepts, concerns of an international nature and any other matter related to scientific balloon flights. It also provides a platform for discussion of scientific and technical issues related to the design and development of scientific payloads for balloons for different areas of space science including Aeronomy, Atmospheric Sciences, Solar Physics, Cosmic-rays, Astronomy, Micro Gravity etc.

* (after officer term) = second and final term in the office indicated