Committee on Industry Relations

Watch this interview with Nelson Pedreiro, Chair of the Committee on Industry Relations.


  • Lockheed Martin – Nelson Pedreiro, Space VP and Chief Engineer


  • Airbus US Space & Defense – Hélène Boithias, Director Science Institutional Business
  • Arianespace – Aaron Lewis, Vice President for Government Relations and Corporate Communications
  • BAE/Ball – New Member TBA – Elizabeth Seward, Head of Space Strategy & Future Business
  • Blue Origin – Steve Squyres, Chief Scientist
  • Fleet Technologies – Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO and Co-founder
  • ispace inc. – Ryo Ujiie, Chief Technology Officer
  • Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) – Changhan Lee, Director and Head
  • Northrop Grumman Space Systems – Cheryl Reed, Program Director, Science & Robotic Exploration
  • Planet – Joseph Mascaro, Director, Science Strategy and Programs
  • Raytheon Intelligence and Space – David Appel, VP Intelligence and Space
  • Redwire – Mike Gold, Executive VP for Civil Space and External Affairs
  • Redwire – Kristina “K” Leszczak, Business Development
  • Rocket Lab – Peter Beck, Founder/CEO
  • Thales Alenia Space/Italy – Massimo Claudio Comparini, Deputy CEO, SEVP Observation, Exploration, Navigation
  • United Launch Alliance – Tory Bruno, CEO
  • Virgin Galactic – Sirisha Bandla, VP Government Affairs
  • Voyager – Eric Stallmer, EVP, Government Affairs and Public Policy
  • Lockheed Martin – Mary Snitch, Principal, External Engagements

LiaisonsCIR – COSPAR Scientific Commissions and Panels

  • CIR – PCB: Mary Snitch, Lockheed Martin, Principal, External Engagements
  • CIR – PEX:  Hélène Boithias, Airbus US Space & Defense, Director Science Institutional Business
  • CIR – PEDAS:  Hélène Boithias, Airbus US Space & Defense, Director Science Institutional Business
  • CIR – PEDAS: John Reed, ULA, Chief Technologist
  • CIR – POIS: Eric Smith, Lockheed Martin, Senior Principal, AI & Data Analytics
  • CIR – PPP: Mike Gold, Redwire, Executive VP for Civil Space & Ext. Aff.
  • CIR – PPP: Steve Squyres, Blue Origin, Chief Scientist
  • CIR – PSSH: Mary Snitch, Lockheed Martin, Principal, External Engagements

Terms of Reference: The Committee on Industry Relations (CIR) reports to and advises the President of COSPAR on how best to integrate the capabilities of industry into COSPAR’s activities and by doing so, to serve the interests of industry. The CIR Members shall be the corporate officers who are responsible for strategic engagement with organizations such as COSPAR. The Members can be drawn from COSPAR Industry Partners and Industry Supporters, other industries that are affiliated with COSPAR through the Associated Supporter Program, or upon recommendation of the Committee from industries that are considering a strategic engagement with COSPAR. The Committee will meet at Assemblies and/or Symposia, or electronically. The Chair of the Committee will be appointed by the President of COSPAR who will participate in and/or receive the advice and recommendations resulting from the meetings of the Committee. Last update of terms of reference: 11/22/2021

News: Since its establishment in early 2021, CIR has met four times and is currently finalizing its strategic plan that will be discussed by the governance of COSPAR and implemented as of 2022.  The Strategic Plan addresses many issues of importance for future relations between COSPAR, the space science community and industry.

Articles and information about and from industry can be found on the Industry Corner of the COSPAR website.