Technical Panel on Satellite Dynamics (PSD)

Symbol for the COSPAR Panel on Satellite Dynamics (PSD)


Heike Peter (Germany), 2021 – 2024* (heike.peter – at –


Adrian Jaeggi (Switzerland), 2021 – 2024*
Shuanggen Jin (China), 2021 – 2024*
Francesco Topputo (Italy), 2021 – 2024 (francesco.topputo – at –

Intercommission/Panel/Task Group Liaisons:

Sub-Commission B2: Heike Peter (Germany), 2016 – 2020 (heike.peter – at –
IDEA Initiative Task Group (IITG):  Jose A.A. van den Ijssel (Netherlands), 2022 – 2026

Terms of Reference:

The aim of the Panel is to support and coordinate all activities aimed at the detailed description of the motion of artificial celestial bodies. This should be achieved by improvement of the theories of motion and by more sophisticated evaluation of the determining forces. Detailed theoretical understanding of the dynamics of satellites should be matched with the results of precise tracking in order to obtain the most precise knowledge possible of the orbit itself and of individual positions within the orbit.

The activity of the Panel is directed also to the unification of procedures for the adjustment of satellite orbits from very precise tracking data. The comparison and possible unification of definitions of orbital elements is one of the important matters for discussion.

As to the responsibilities in the above-mentioned scientific goals, the Panel endorses the formulation expressed for the responsibilities of the Scientific Commissions.

COSPAR and the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG):

COSPAR, through the PSD, is observer of ICG, an international committee under the umbrella of the United Nations.  In this role COSPAR participates in working groups and in activities identified in the workplan of the ICG and provides advice and monitors the work of the ICG.  Further information on COSPAR’s cooperation with the UN.

* (after officer term) = second and final term in the office indicated