#COSPAR 2022 The Blog: 3

Monday 18 July 2022

Well, yesterday was a supernova day. The Latest Results session attracted a lot of attention with five wide-ranging subjects and engaging presentations. Here’s Katharina Brinkert (ZARM/University of Warwick) fielding a specialised question.

And the Roundtable of Space Agency Leaders was well-attended, with virtual and in-person participation from major agencies. You can follow the discussion again in a few hours, when it’s posted on the platform.

The Exhibition area is now open, do drop by when you have your coffee break and see what’s on show.

But perhaps one of the coolest sessions on Sunday was with the Panel on Education. Let’s hear it for COSPAR’s youngest ever presenter, Daniel Portas-Levy, not even in high school yet, who gave a talk on applications of machine intelligence as a disruptive tool in space education. Congratulations to Daniel for making it to COSPAR 2022 (with his parents) and we look forward to seeing him at future events.

Please note—if you’re looking for the #COSPAR2022 sessions for Commissions A, B, C and F, they are at the Divani Caravel Hotel, a 20-minute walk from the Megaron Conference Centre. Regular shuttle buses are available between the two venues throughout the day—schedule at Registration.

Do please continue to share your photos and highlights & we’ll do our best to include them—and we’ll try and set up a get-together with the posters with the most-ers. 😉