Advances in Space Research - Special Issues

Recently or soon to be published / free to read:

  • Recent Advances in Satellite Constellations and Formations, Vol. 73, Number 11, edited by Margaret Ann Shea
  • Recent advances in equatorial, low- and mid-latitude mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere studies, Vol. 73, Number 7, edited by Venkatesh Kavutarapu and Michael Pezzopane
  • Synergistic Use of Remote Sensing Data and In-Situ Investigations to Reveal the Hidden Secrets of the Moon, Vol. 73, Number 4, edited by Shashi Kumar and Anil Kumar
  • Parameter Retrieval and Applications with Imaging Spectroscopy Data from AVIRIS-NG, Vol. 73, Number 2, edited by Bimal Kumar Bhattacharya and Himanshu Govil
  • COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap 2022-2024: Scientific Research and Applications, Vol. 72, Number 12, edited by Mario M. Bisi and Margaret Ann Shea
  • Space Environment Management and Space Sustainability, Vol. 72, Number 7, edited by Massimiliano Vasile
  • Space and Geophysical Observations and Recent Results Related to the African Continent, Vol. 72, Number 3, edited by Andrew Akala and Chigomezyo Ngwira
  • New Results from DORIS for Science and Society, Vol. 72, Number 1, edited by D. Dettmering and E.J.O. Schrama

New / open calls for papers for special issues of ASR: