Advances in Space Research: Top Reviewers of 2021

Advances in Space Research (ASR), as with any established scientific journal, insists on a rigorous peer-review process to maintain the integrity and quality of its published papers. An essential part of this process is the reviewer, spending his or her valuable time using unique expertise to evaluate the scientific quality of a manuscript and help the Editor make a fair and timely decision.

To further highlight the vital importance of reviewers to the quality ASR publications, the Editors have selected their 10 top reviewers for the year 2021, taking into account criteria such as the number and the quality of the referee reports performed during this year. By publishing the names and short biographies of these selected reviewers in this issue of Space Research Today, we would like to acknowledge their valuable efforts. As an additional token of appreciation, these reviewers were offered an Amazon voucher by Elsevier. Their names will also be acknowledged on the journal homepage of ASR.

We also feel deeply obliged to all ASR reviewers who have contributed this past year who are not mentioned here, and we sincerely thank all of them for bringing the journal up to its current scientific standard.

Pascal Willis, ASR Editor-in-Chief
Lianne van der Zant, ASR Publisher (Elsevier)