In accordance with the COSPAR Charter Panels are established, modified, or discontinued at any time by the Bureau. The period for which a Panel is established is determined by the Bureau. The period may be indefinite.

The chairpersons, other officers (as needed), and members of Panels are appointed by the Bureau for the period of the (rest of the) mandate of the Panel, or four years, whichever is shorter. Chairpersons, officers, and members of Panels may be re-appointed by the Bureau once for a second term lasting until the end of the mandate of the Panel, or four years, whichever is shorter. In the case of highly specialized Panels additional terms are considered on an exceptional basis.

Current Panels include:

Technical Panel on Satellite Dynamics (PSD)

Panel on Technical Problems Related to Scientific Ballooning (PSB)

Panel on Potentially Environmentally Detrimental Activities in Space (PEDAS)

Panel on Radiation Belt Environment Modelling (PRBEM)

Panel on Space Weather (PSW)

Panel on Planetary Protection (PPP)

Panel on Capacity Building (PCB)

Capacity Building Fellowship Program and Alumni (PCB FPA)

Panel on Education (PE)

Panel on Exploration (PEX)

Panel on Interstellar Research (PIR)


This page last updated 23 August 2018.