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Statement from COSPAR about the Anti-Satellite Test conducted on 15 November 2021

The recent destruction of a satellite in low-Earth orbit is shedding light again on the matter of our stewardship of the space environment, which should be responsible, sustainable and agreed to internationally.  It is a founding and abiding principle of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) that space should be a global commons, open without […]

Advances in Space Research - Special Issues

Recently published / free to read:

  • International Reference Ionosphere - Progress and New Inputs, Edited by Dieter Bilitza and Bodo W. Reinisch, Volume 68, Issue 5, Pages 2057-2256 , 1 September 2021
  • Satellite Constellations and Formation Flying, edited by Massimiliano Vasile, Volume 67, Issue 11, 01 June 2021.
  • Solar Sailing: Concepts, Technology, and Missions II, edited by Roman Kezerashvili and Bernd Dachwald, Volume 67, Issue 9, 01 May 2021.  Read the preface here.
  • Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of GNSS - Part 1, Edited by Felicitas Arias and Roberto Prieto Cerdeira, Volume 66, Issue 12, 15 December 2020.  Preface free to read through 1 December 2021.
New / open calls for papers for special issues of ASR:

LSSR Review and Open Access Articles Free to Read

The following review article which appears in LSSR, Volume 31, is free to read until 01 November 2022:

The following review articles which appear in LSSR, Volume 30, are free to read until 01 August 2022: The Open Access article below is also now available and free to read:

COSPAR Panel on Planetary Protection Open Session: 20 October 2021

PPP open session - 20 October 2021:  The COSPAR Panel on Planetary Protection will discuss recent findings concerning planetary protection of missions to Venus and Mars. The first part of the webinar, starting at 1pm CEST will be open to registered participants, who will be able to ask questions through the Q&A functionality. The second part will be reserved to PPP members.  If you would like to participate as a regular, view-only attendee, please use the registration link hereafter.

COSPAR 2022 Call for Papers Now Available

Addressing the Climate Crisis

The climate of Earth is changing, imperiled by the relentless emission of greenhouse gases from our advancing civilization. The Arctic sea ice cover is disappearing, creating land and sea conditions never experienced in human history. Sea levels are rising, imperiling coastal communities where much of humanity resides. Precipitation patterns are changing, resulting in long periods of drought, imperiling our sources of food and reducing habitable locations. In an essay, The Climate Crisis. A Time of Peril.  A Time to Act., COSPAR President Len Fisk calls upon all nations to address the climate crisis, with urgency, deliberately, and with guidance provided by science, for our sake and that of all future generations.  The essay is published here, in the August issue of Space Research Today (SRT), A Forum for Discussion, and in the latest COSPAR News, Issue 9, with the expectation that it will result in discussion and comments.

New COSPAR Panel on Social Sciences and Humanities (PSSH)

Read the press release here.