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COSPAR 2024, Busan, South Korea

COSPAR's 45th Scientific Assembly will be organized in Busan, South Korea 13 - 21 July 2024.  More details available in due time. KASI press release

COSPAR 2022, Athens, Greece

Athens looks forward to welcoming the 44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, 16 - 24 July 2022.

New COSPAR Roadmap Publication

A Chinese language version is now available of "Small satellites for space science:  A COSPAR scientific roadmap" (published in English in ASR, 64, n°8, 15 October 2019).

43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly: COSPAR 2021 - Hybrid

COSPAR 2021-Hybrid, Sydney, Australia, 28 January - 4 February 2021 and 24/7 wherever you are.  In Conversation with COSPAR President L.A. Fisk and COSPAR 2021 LOC Chair, R. Boyce.  Listen and watch the full conversation as they share with you what is in store for you at COSPAR-2021-Hybrid.  A short teaser is also available.  Deadline for uploading short summary presentation:  30 November 2020.  Deadline for full presentation uploads:  31 December 2020.  Further information at


New COSPAR Book Series

Watch the video introducing this new COSPAR publication activity. More information soon.

The International Astronautical Federation

COSPAR Smallsat Town Hall Webinars

The COSPAR Task Group on establishing a Constellation of Small Satellites (TGCSS) will hold three webinars to explore this concept.  The Asia/Oceania sector took place 29 September 2020, and the American zone webinar took place 2 September. Watch the respective videos at and  Q&As from the Asia/Oceania town hall may be read here. The European/Mid-East/Africa sector will follow with dates still to be determined.  To anticipate attendance levels, those interested in the European/Mid-East/Africa webinar should express their interest by sending a message to COSPAR.

2020 Nobel Laureates: Free Access to Papers Published in ASR

COSPAR congratulates the laureates of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics.  All have published in Advances in Space Research (ASR), and we invite you to read for free a selection of these papers.

Updated COSPAR Policy on Planetary Protection

The COSPAR Bureau approved an updated Policy on Planetary Protection on 17 June 2020.  The updated version of the policy and an introductory note are published in Space Research Today, No 208, August 2020, Pages 10-22.  The Introductory Note and the most recent version of the COSPAR Policy on Planetary Protection are also available from the Panel on Planetary Protection (PPP) web page.