COSPAR Scientific Roadmaps

COSPAR issues scientific roadmaps on critical issues to encourage decision makers in the relevant fields to develop collaborative programs based on the best science available.  These reports have been well-received by the scientific community and by space agencies which recognize the important role of COSPAR in fostering international collaboration in space research, irrespective of any political considerations.

Roadmaps Published:

  • Observation and Integrated Earth-system Science: a Roadmap for 2016 - 2025” (published in ASR, 57, n°10, 15 May 2016). The Integrated Earth System Science roadmap study group is led by Professor A. Simmons (formerly, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts – ECMWF, UK, and former Chair, Scientific Steering Committee, Global Climate Observing System – GCOS): full paper.
  • Understanding Space Weather to Shield Society(published in ASR, 55, n°12, June 2015), whose objective is to identify key areas of research leading to a demonstrable improvement in service provision capability in the short, medium and longer term. The Space Weather roadmap study group is led by Dr. K. Schrijver (Lockheed Martin, USA) and Dr. K. Kauristie (Finnish Meteorological Institute): executive summary, full paper.
  • Future of Space Astronomy: a Global Roadmap for the Coming Decades” (published in ASR, 50, n°1, July 2012), prepared by a group of scientists under the leadership of Dr P. Ubertini (National Institute of Astrophysics – INAF, Italy), executive summary.
  • Toward a Global Space Exploration Program: A Stepping Stone Approach” (published in ASR, 49, n°1, January 2012), prepared by the COSPAR Panel on Exploration (PEX) under the leadership of Professor P. Ehrenfreund (Space Policy Institute, USA)

Roadmap(s) under Preparation:

  • Exoplanets
  • "Small Satellites for Space Reseach"


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